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    College Map is a new informational website that allows you to search for colleges in your geographic region or simply in the area where you want to study. Using our site you will be able to view all colleges in the area of your interest. We provide most of the information about the school of your choice, such as enrollment, gender ratio, etc.
    We hope that you can view all schools in a quick, convenient way , as our main goal is to connect you and your dream school.
    Once you enter your address or zip code, you will see icons representing colleges in your location. You can filter the results by using our advanced search feature. If you click on an icon, you will see more detailed information about the school.
    You're also able to change zoom level, by specifying search radius.
    We always welcome your suggestions on how we can make our site even more valuable to you. Use "Contact Us" form to leave us a message. We'll be happy if you can comment on our service, whether you found your dream school or not.
    In future, we'd like to offer more information about topics such as financing college of your dream, purchasing student car insurance, or finding an apartment.
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